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Brand: NERI Model: RNF-15 (349024)
Nitrile glove- Cotton flocklining absorbs perspiration and improves comfort- External non-slip pattern- Without silicone- Comfortable and resistant (excellent abrasion resistance)- Suitable for food contact- Length 33 cm- Thickness 0.40 mm- Colour: greenSizes: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11..
Ex Tax:6.30лв.
Brand: NERI Model: Industrial (346035)
Natural latex glove- Internal latex coating + cotton flocklining which absorbs perspiration and improves comfort - Exterior non-slip pattern - External silicone treatment- Thickness 0,90 mm- Length cm 30- Colour: orangeSizes:  8/8,5, 9/9,5, 10/10,5..
Ex Tax:6.60лв.
Brand: NERI Model: Clipper (348070)
Neoprene glove- Cotton flocklining absorbs perspiration and improves comfort- Good grip due to the embossed texture- External silicone treatment- For light chemical protection- Length 30 cm- Thickness 0.75 mm- Colour: blackSizes: 7/7,5, 8/8,5, 9/9,5, 10/10,5..
Ex Tax:9.00лв.
Brand: NERI Model: 585 Food (337180)
10-gauge seamless glove with Dyneema® + Lycra® / microfoam nitrile- Palm coated with special micro-foam nitrile that offers extra durability, grip and resistance to abrasion- Dyneema® fiber increases the cut resistance while enhancing wearer comfort and dexterity- Lycra® yarn offers superior flexibi..
Ex Tax:25.20лв.
Brand: NERI Model: O15
Cotton fabric glove double-weaving- Seam-protecting borders- Canvas safety cuff 15 cm- Colour: raw..
Ex Tax:4.20лв.
PVC coated glove - Internal cotton lining improves comfort- Inexpensive model- Length: cm 27- Color: red..
Ex Tax:4.80лв.
Brand: NERI Model: Niteco
Nitrile glove- Cotton flocklining absorbs perspiration and improves comfort - Silicone-free- External non-slip pattern- Inexpensive model- Length 32 cm- Thickness 0,40 mm- Colour: green- Sizes:  7, 8, 9, 10..
Ex Tax:5.60лв.
Brand: NERI Model: W7-430 (310140)
7-gauge seamless Kevlar® glove - Palm fully reinforced with split leather for exceptional mechanical protection. Together with the use of a very thick Kevlar® yarn, it makes the glove extremely strong and wear-resistant- Suitable for the handling of cutting, abrasive objects/materials, even in the p..
Ex Tax:45.20лв.
Brand: NERI Model: EKO 410
Seamless nylon glove / latex- Palm coated with latex- Wrinkle finish for extraordinary dry & wet grip- Inexpensive model- Ergonomic design for a comfortable fit- Knitwrist cuff and breathable back- Colour: black/violetSizes:  8, 9, 10..
Ex Tax:4.00лв.
Gloves Mac-Tuk 69250 Gloves Mac-Tuk 69250
-41 %
Brand: NERI Model: 69250
Cotton fabric glove - Weight approx. 8 ounces- Knitwrist cuff- Color: raw..
1.00лв. 1.70лв.
Ex Tax:1.00лв.
Brand: NERI Model: Nitralight (349018)
Nitrile glove- Chlorinated- External non-slip pattern provides good grip- Excellent tactile sensitivity (extremely thin, is a good compromise between a disposable glove and a classic industrial nitrile glove)- Suitable for food contact- Length 33 cm- Thickness 0,22 mm- Colour: light blueSizes: 7, 8,..
Ex Tax:4.60лв.
Brand: NERI Model: Nitran Plus (353098)
15-gauge seamless nylon-elastane glove / nitrile foam- Palm coated with nitrile foam which makes the glove soft, light and breathable- Dots on palm for better grip and wear resistance- Anti-pilling, water and oil repellent- Excellent abrasion resistance, together with high flexibility and dexterity-..
Ex Tax:6.60лв.
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