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Art. 1. (1) These General Terms and Conditions govern the relations between the trading company "NeoProtect" OOD, hereinafter referred to as the Merchant for short, and the persons who use services and purchase goods offered through the online store, hereinafter referred to as Clients/Users .

(2) When using the services and purchasing goods from the site, the Customer declares electronically that he is familiar with and fully agrees with these General Terms and Conditions. With the consent thus expressed, the General Terms and Conditions become binding for the client and bind him in his contractual relations with the Merchant.

(3) By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the Customer agrees to the processing of his personal data for the purposes of concluding and executing the remote contract through the online store in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Data of "NeoProtect" OOD, published on the website



Art. 2. The online store is owned by the trading company "NeoProtect" OOD, EIK 205730966

Information under the Electronic Commerce Act and the Consumer Protection Act:

 1.Name of the merchant: "NeoProtect" OOD

 2.Headquarters and address of management: Burgas, g.k. "Slaveykov", bl. 16, entrance 8, fl. 6, apartment 18

 3.Business address: Burgas, Northern Industrial Zone, 22 Yanko Komitov Blvd., Stoyanov Warehouse

 4.Correspondence data and address for submitting objections and complaints by users: Burgas city, gh.k. "Slaveykov", bl. 16, entrance 8, fl. 6, apartment 18, phone:0887645417,  email:

 5.Entry in public registers: "NeoProtect" OOD, entered in the TRRYULNC at the Registration Agency with EIK 205730966

 6.Registration under the Value Added Tax Act: VAT number: BG 205730966

 7.Contact details of the control authorities:

Consumer Protection Commission: address: 1000 Sofia, Slaveykov Square No. 4A, floors 3, 4 and 6, phone: 029802524, fax: 029884218, website:



Art. 3. (1) The website is an online e-commerce platform, through which "NeoProtect" OOD issues a public invitation for the sale of goods from its assortment - protective clothing and shoes, personal protective equipment, means of collective protection, security and organization of the working environment, etc., which visitors to the site can purchase after accepting these General Terms and Conditions.

(2) The goods offered in the online store are divided into categories and subcategories .

(3) Information on the main characteristics of the goods is contained in the information page of each individual product with the corresponding image, name, brief description and price. Depending on the nature of the goods, color and size selection options are provided. If additional information is needed regarding the characteristics of a given item and its use, CUSTOMERS may contact the indicated e-mail address and phone number for contact with the merchant for assistance.

(3) The order of selected goods from the online store is declared by filling in an electronic form and accepting the present General Terms and Conditions, which electronically concludes a remote purchase and sale contract with parties: " Neoprotect " OOD, from one party as a seller and, on the other hand, the buyer of the goods - a customer of the online store, individualized according to the data provided by him during registration and/or placing the order.

(4) By virtue of the concluded sales contract, "NeoProtect" Ltd. undertakes to transfer ownership and hand over to the buyer the goods ordered by him through the online store, and the buyer undertakes to receive them and pay the price of the goods and the costs of their delivery according to the terms of the contract.



Art. 4 An order for goods in the online store can be made by a registered user after registering a customer profile (account) or by a visitor to the site as a "Guest".

Art. 5 (1) Registration of a customer profile creates a number of advantages and convenience when using the online store, giving the customer full access to all functions of the site, including the ability to change and supplement the data in his profile, to monitor the history and status of your orders, create lists of favorite products, compare products, easily and quickly repeat orders, etc.

(2) Registration is completely voluntary and free of charge and can be done from the "REGISTER" button on the site. It is required to fill in the electronic form with certain personal data necessary for the individualization of the user, as well as specifying an e-mail and password for accessing the site. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. Upon completion of the registration, the customer declares that he is familiar with and accepts the present General Terms and the Privacy Policy published on the website.

(3) The CLIENT is fully responsible for the truth and completeness of the personal data specified by him when registering his profile and keeping them secret, as well as for keeping secret the e-mail and password that identify him in the online store. In the case of a forgotten or lost password, the customer can take advantage of the option to generate a new password, through which, upon entering the email address used during registration, he receives a temporary link to reset the old password and create a new one.

(4) The trader confirms the registration by sending an electronic message to the customer at the e-mail address specified by him, with which a customer profile (account) is created

(5) When registering an account in the online store, as well as when placing an order as a "Guest", the customer can choose an option and give his consent to receive information and marketing messages from the merchant, including for the purposes of direct marketing . The customer has the right to withdraw the given consent at any time by sending an e-mail with such content to the e-mail address specified by the trader for correspondence.

(6) The customer has the right to delete his profile at any time, and for this purpose he should send a written e-mail message to the merchant. When deleting a customer profile, the trader is obliged to delete all the customer's personal data from the database, with the exception of the data for which a longer storage period is provided by law.

(7) The merchant has the right at his discretion, without notice and without paying compensation, to unilaterally terminate the registration if he finds that the customer is using the online store in violation of these General Terms and Conditions, laws, generally accepted moral norms and rules.

Art. 6. An order for goods can be made without registration, when visiting the online store as a "Guest". In this case, an order is declared through the online form, in which the data necessary for the individualization of the customer as a buyer and the execution of the order are filled.

Art. 7. (1) The procedure for placing an order and concluding a contract for the purchase and sale of goods from the online store is as follows:

1.    Viewing and selecting goods from the online store and adding them via the BUY button in the virtual CART visualized in the upper right corner of the site;

2.    Entering data for the individualization of the buyer via e-mail and password to access his customer profile, if he has registered one or in accordance with Art. 6 as "Guest";

3.    Specifying an address for delivery and payment;

4.    Indication of the method of payment;

5.    Completing the order by pressing the "CONFIRM ORDER" button

(2) At each stage before completing and sending the order, the customer has the opportunity to identify and correct errors when entering information

(3) With the "CONTINUE SHOPPING" button, the customer can return to the online store and continue adding all the desired goods to your virtual cart.

(4) With the "CART" button, the customer has the opportunity to view all products added to the virtual Cart, their quantity, unit and total price. The removal of a product is carried out by the "X" button against the corresponding product.

(5) Before sending the order, the customer should make sure that the goods added to the virtual cart correspond to his wishes and needs by checking the content of the virtual cart by comparing the name and description of the relevant items, checking the choice of color, size and number , as well as the price of the products and the total value of the order.

(6) By pressing the "CONFIRM ORDER" button, the customer declares that he is familiar with the present General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy published on

(7) The merchant confirms the acceptance of the Order by sending a message to the customer at the e-mail address specified by him. The order number and date, the ordered products, the unit price, the total price of the order, the value of the delivery costs, the total amount to be paid, the chosen method of delivery and payment are indicated in the confirmation.

(8) If additional information and order parameters are required, additional confirmation should be made by phone or at the email address of contact between the parties. The delivery period in this case starts from the date of the additional confirmation.

(9) In case of lack of stock of the goods requested by the customer, the trader shall notify the customer of the shortage by e-mail message or by telephone. If the customer has made a payment by this point, the amount paid can be paid to him or he can choose a replacement product.


Art. 8. (1) The prices of the goods in the online store are indicated in Bulgarian leva, include VAT and do not include the cost of delivery.

(2) The value of the delivery costs is a fixed price for courier delivery, which is charged and displayed in the order separately from the price of the purchased goods.

(3) The trader can change at any time the information about the goods published in the online store and their prices, delivery conditions, etc., and all amendments and additions come into force from the moment of their publication on the website. Price changes do not affect orders confirmed prior to the date the changes are posted.

(4) The merchant may, in various forms, provide discounts for the goods offered in the online store, according to the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation and according to the rules published on the website.

Art . 9 . (1) The price of the goods purchased from can be paid in advance before their delivery or at the time of their delivery, according to the payment method chosen by the customer.

(2) The goods ordered in the online store can be paid for in the following way:

1.    cash on delivery via postal money order - payment is made to the courier upon receipt of the goods in cash or at the POS terminal of the courier company making the delivery.

The courier issues a receipt for the money transfer. With the signing of the receipt and the documents accompanying the goods, the delivery is considered to be completed "without remarks";

2.    by bank transfer - payment is made by bank transfer, to the following bank account:


IBAN: BG25UNCR70001523609563



The order number and date are indicated in the reason for payment .

The day of verification of the bank account of "NeoProtect" OOD with the ordered amount is taken as the date of payment.

(3) Delivery of goods outside the Republic of Bulgaria takes place only after payment of the value of the order by bank transfer to the specified bank account of the trader. The customer shall also pay all shipping and postage costs, as well as any additional charges that may arise such as customs duties, import charges, etc., where such are due.

(4) In the event that the value of the order is equal to or exceeds BGN 1,000, payment shall be made by bank transfer only.



Art. 10. (1) Confirmed orders are delivered by a courier company in one of the following ways:

  1. Delivery to courier office
  2. Delivery to an address on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  3. Delivery to an address on the territory of the European Union.

(2) The delivery time in Bulgaria is from 2 to 10 working days, counted from the date of confirmation of the delivery order. Deliveries outside the country are made within 10 to 20 working days.

(3) If the customer has chosen to pay by bank transfer, this term begins to run from the date on which the price of the goods was transferred to the merchant's bank account.

(3) It is possible to extend the delivery period during holidays and/or weekends, promotions, discounts, campaigns, etc. with the maximum delivery time being 30 working days. The merchant is not responsible for delivery delays due to circumstances beyond his control, such as force majeure events, delays due to the courier's fault and other objective reasons

(4) The risk of loss or damage to the goods passes to the customer the moment the goods leave the trader's warehouse and are handed over to the courier or a third party indicated by the customer.

(5) If the Merchant cannot fulfill the order within the specified period due to the fact that one or some of the items are not available, he should notify the customer by phone or email of the exact delivery date. In this case, the customer can replace the missing product with another or refuse its delivery.

(6) The trader is not responsible in case of delay or impossibility of delivery due to incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate data provided by the customer regarding delivery address and contact telephone number, as well as for other reasons beyond the trader's control, such as insurmountable obstacles, delay due to the fault of the courier, etc.

(7) The merchant is released from his obligation to deliver the requested goods, in the event that the customer cannot be found at the address specified by him within the delivery period; did not provide access and opportunity to hand over the goods, or when he did not appear at the office of the courier specified by him to receive the goods.

Art. 11. (1). The goods are handed over to the customer or to a third party who accepts them and confirms their receipt on his behalf. By signing the receipt for the delivery of the goods and the accompanying documents, the customer confirms that he has received the goods in the type, quantity and quality that corresponds to his order in the online store.

(2) If the customer does not show up or refuses to accept the goods without a valid reason, the costs of delivery in both directions are at his expense.

(3) Upon receipt of the order, the customer should open and inspect the goods in the presence of the courier. If, during delivery, the Customer discovers shortages, obvious defects or damages, he should contact the courier to draw up a report on shortages, damages, defects or inconsistencies of the delivered goods.

(4) Upon acceptance of the delivery "without remarks", any subsequent claims of the customer for shortages, visible damage, damage or non-conformity of the goods will not be satisfied.


Art. 12. (1) The customer has the right to withdraw from the concluded contract without stating a reason, without owing compensation to the merchant, and without paying any costs, except for the costs of returning and handing over the goods, by the CUSTOMER or by a person designated by him other than the courier

(2) The right to refuse can be exercised within 14 days from the date of acceptance of the goods by a written statement to the trader at the e-mail address indicated by him or by filling in and sending a standard electronic form for refusal and return of goods on the page of online shop

Art. 1 3. (1) In case of withdrawal from the contract within the same period, the customer must return the goods to the merchant in the same condition in which they were delivered, with original packaging and labels, without signs of use, without damage or missing elements, together with all documents accompanying the goods: receipt or invoice, delivery protocol, instructions for use, warranty card, etc. The costs of returning the goods are for the account of the Customer.

(2) If the right of refusal is exercised within the term under Art. 12, para. 2 the trader should reimburse the customer the sums paid by him, excluding the delivery costs, as well as the costs of returning the goods, within 14 days from the date on which he was notified of the refusal and the customer provided proof, that he sent the goods back to the merchant's address.

(3) Until the time of return or delivery of the goods to the merchant at his address, the risk of the accidental destruction, loss or damage of the goods is borne entirely by the customer.

(4) The trader refunds the amount due by bank transfer to the bank account specified by the customer.

Art. 14. (1) The right of refusal does not apply to contracts for the supply of goods made to the order of the Customer or according to his individual requirements (e.g. making a special model, emblem, embroidery, screen printing, company insignia); of sealed goods which have been unsealed after their delivery and cannot be returned for hygiene or health protection reasons; for delivery of goods with damaged integrity or damaged packaging and all other cases falling within the scope of those listed under Art. 57 of the Civil Code.

Art. 15. (1) In the event of a defect or inconsistency of the delivered goods with the sales contract, which could not be established at the time of delivery in accordance with Art. 11, para. 4, the customer has the right to a complaint and can ask the trader to bring the goods into compliance with the sales contract. Bringing the goods into compliance with the sales contract is free of charge for the Customer.

(2) If at the time of receipt it is established that the goods do not match the stated goods, due to an error committed by the trader in the products sent to the customer, other than the ordered ones, the latter sends the actually ordered products after returning the wrong ones. The costs of returning and resending the order are at the merchant's expense.

(3) Upon receipt of the goods with damaged packaging, the complaint should be reflected on the bill of lading in the presence of the courier at the time of receipt of the goods.

(4) In all cases of non-conformity or defect of the goods, a complaint can be submitted in writing to the merchant's postal or email address or by means of an electronic "return of goods" form, specifying and describing the subject of the complaint, the reason for the return, preferred method of satisfaction, order number, contact phone and email . The trader keeps a register of the complaints submitted.

(5) In order to consider the complaint, it is necessary to present the documents on which it is based - receipt/invoice, protocols, receipts and/or other documents establishing the non-compliance of the goods with the agreed, as well as documents establishing the claim by basis and amount.

Art. 16 (1) When presenting a complaint about a product, the customer can claim to be reimbursed the amount paid or to request a replacement of the product.

(2) The trader has the right to reject the claim for refund of the amount paid , if he can replace the goods with another of the same type within one month, or if the discrepancy is insignificant.

(3) When the goods do not conform to the sales contract, the trader is obliged to bring them into conformity within 1 (one) month from the submission of the complaint.

Art. 17. (1) When the user is not satisfied with the resolution of the complaint, he has the right to choose between one of the following options:

a) cancellation of the contract and refund of the amount paid by him;

b) price reduction.

(2) The reduction in price is proportional to the difference between the value of the goods received by the consumer and the value the goods would have had there been no non-conformity

(3) The customer cannot claim to cancel the contract if the non-conformity of the goods with the contract is minor.

(4) The seller is responsible to the customers - consumers within the meaning of the Consumer Act for any non-conformity of the goods that exists at the time of delivery of the goods and that appeared within two years from that moment.

(5) Submitting a complaint to the merchant is not an obstacle to filing a claim.

Art. 18. The provisions of this section refer to the rights of consumers within the meaning of the Commercial Code when concluding contracts for the purchase and sale of goods from the online store and do not apply to merchants - within the meaning of the Commercial Law, who purchase goods for commercial purposes.


Art. 19. (1) The merchant is not responsible when the online store was not accessible in case of force majeure, random events, Internet problems, technical or other objective reasons.

(2) The merchant is not responsible for damages from comments and opinions published by customers and third parties.

Art. 20 . (1) The trader is not responsible in case of overcoming the security measures of the technical equipment and this results in loss of information, dissemination of information, access to information, restriction of access to information and other similar consequences.

(2) The trader is not responsible in case of concluding a contract for purchase and sale, providing access to information, loss or change of data that occurred as a result of false identification of a third party who presents himself as the customer.



Art. 21. All unresolved issues and disputes related to the reality, interpretation, termination and fulfillment of obligations under these General Terms and Conditions and contracts for the sale of goods through the online store are settled between the parties through negotiations, and in the event of failure to reach an agreement, the disputes referred to the relevant competent court.

Art. 23. These general terms and conditions may be amended by the merchant unilaterally and at any time, for which he notifies the customers by e-mail (if one is provided) and/or with a publicly available message on the site. Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions enter into force after their publication on the website of the online store